• The Great St Winefride’s Spelling Bee Challenge

    On Tuesday 5th April St Winefride’s held the Grand Final of the The Great St Winefride’s Spelling Bee Challenge, arranged by the parent/carer forum. The 18 winners from the first round of the challenge competed in front of the whole school. After an intense battle with some very difficult words we crowned winners from each year group. As an added bonus there was a surprise round at the end where the adults in the school were called up to take part to find the best staff speller!
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  • Newham Money Wise Challenge

    On Thursday 31st March over 100 children from schools across Newham took part in a gaming based personal finance competition at Stratford Youth Zone. The aim of the challenge was to elevate the financial and digital literacy of young people through an educational approach to gaming. Teams from each school battled it out by speed answering questions on personal finance topics. A big well done to St Helen's who finished it in first place; St Winefride's who came a close second and St Francis’ achieved fourth place.
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  • Welcome to St Winefride’s

    On 1 st  April 2022 we are delighted to welcome the children, staff and governors of St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School into Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy Trust.  We are all looking forward to building on    our strong Catholic partnership in Newham and working together, in Christ, to support the community in Manor Park.
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  • London Stations of the Cross Walk

    As part of the Catholic tradition during Lent, many Catholics participate in a special church service called the 'Stations of the Cross' which involves focussing on and reflecting on Christ's final journey before he was crucified. Normally these are done in a church where there are fourteen murals of that journey placed around a church which the congregation turn to as each is focussed on. However, the children of St Helen's and St Joachim's decided to take this journey to a literal sense by travelling by foot to ten different churches across London. This journey was in keeping with the theme of the year, 'Pilgrimages'; a holy journey.
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  • St Francis'- World Book Week

    For World Book Week, the children at St Francis' showed all the different hats they wear! We celebrated the occasion by making up our own hat to reflect a favourite story or character. Can you guess what the story is by looking at the hat? 
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  • Making bread for Citizenship at St Francis’

    During Citizenship Week we put our faith into action. To start the week we reflected on our own beliefs and celebrated by baking bread. We believe that bread is a divine gift, a symbol of generosity and sharing. The children were able to reflect on this as well as have a fantastic time making and eating the bread they made.
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  • St Edward's Art Week 2022

    What an amazing Art Week it has been for the children at St Edward's! The theme for the entire school was printing. Taking photos of the children focused and on task was a privilege. The concentration and enthusiasm were palpable.
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  • St Edward's Rocks Out!

    Did you notice your child was more excitable Tuesday evening? Apologies, that might have something to do with Rocksteady! On Tuesday 22 nd February your child got a taste of what it’s like to perform in a rock band . Tim from Rocksteady taught us how to rock out as a school and created rock stars out of our children to perform as a band with an audience!
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  • St Antony’s Building Bridges with Communities in Newham

    As part of the Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy Trust, joint Citizenship project, inspired by Pope Francis, the children at St Antony’s have been collecting food for the St Martin’s Church foodbank.
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  • St Joachim's School Council Visit the Refugee and Migrant Project. (RAMP)

    St Joachim's School Council representatives went on a visit to The Refugee and Migrant Project (RAMP) as part of the OLOG Citizenship project on Building Bridges. They went to see how they operate and learn about their special work supporting the most needy people in our society. This is the charity which St Joachim's have traditionally supported by donating their Harvest Festival collection to them. The children were able to gain an insight on what services they offer to refugees and migrants.
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