St Edward's Art Week 2022

25th Feb 2022

What an amazing Art Week it has been for the children at St Edward's!
The theme for the entire school was printing. Taking photos of the children focused and on task was a privilege. The concentration and enthusiasm were palpable. Each year group was given an artist, or style to influence their printing. The youngest children- the Seedlings discovered the joys of printing with known objects. They learnt about artists Paul Klee and Kandinsky.
The children had the opportunity to research, engage and learn about artists and styles from various parts of the world.

The Reception classes learnt about Piet Mondrian and used forks and fruit and vegetables to print in the primary colours.

Year One used foliage and vegetable leaves to print.

Year two learnt about the artist Henri Matisse and created and printed in collage style.

Year three learnt about Adrinka printing from Ghana. The children learnt this is a hand-woven cloth and the children created their own printing tiles with salt dough and recycled polystyrene.

Year four learned about a traditional style of Japanese printing used by fishermen to display their catch in the local markets. An unforgettable experience.