Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Our Mission is for all pupils to grow in God’s love and aspire to develop their full potential within excellent Catholic schools, where collaboration and innovation are promoted. The Trust will strive to transform children’s lives enabling them to form their place within the world.

Together in Christ, schools within Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy Trust are:

“places where mercy is freely given; where everyone is welcome, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel”.

Evangelii Gaudium – Pope Francis 

Our Vision for Children in Our Trust

Key qualities, skills, experiences and achievements for children in our Trust:

  • To understand the Catholic values of our schools and exhibit these in daily life
  • To know they have a social responsibility to others, in line with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, and a desire to serve their communities
  • To be happy and know that they are loved by God
  • To have developed resilience, confidence, a positive attitude to lifelong learning and a strong work ethic
  • To achieve English and maths skills in line with, and appropriate to, their age and ability
  • To achieve significant progress from their starting point
  • To experience a broad and balanced curriculum including the arts, humanities, sports, educational visits and opportunities they would not ordinarily have access to
  • To have been developed spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically and to have celebrated their talents
  1. To develop the whole child ensuring Gospel Values drive their aspiration to serve their communities throughout their lives
  2. To ensure the long term sustainability  and continuity of Catholic education in the local community
  3. To provide excellent high quality education and experiences for all those who desire a Catholic education, within the context of our changing society 
  4. To foster a sense of collaborative learning and sharing for all across Trust schools; valuing the contributions of staff, governors and parents.